Prologue - Page 1 - Wukrii
Prologue – Page 1
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  • Chaoshadowtheshadowolfie says:

    Hoi I’m a werewolf loving kind of person.i am a wolf trapped in the wrong body 🐺😅.

  • says:

    First to say Meow! I am a cat in many ways! Hi every body!:3

  • Nebula Dusk says:

    The title kinda looks like Wakfu. Any inspiration from it?

    • Gatsumann says:

      Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. The inspiration for the name came from “Hawaii” with the two ii’s at the end. Our comic is set in a tropical location much like that, so we chose colors for the letters and a name that reflected that. Our big symbol in our logo has a lot of significance to our story, no spoilers! We have taken inspiration from what has to be hundreds of anime’s, games, and other things we’ve enjoyed over the years. I hope you’re enjoying the comic.

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