Chapter 2 – Page 34 - Wukrii
Chapter 2 – Page 34
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  • Vivid says:

    Huh 🤔 the eye color thing is quite interesting

  • Nirozu says:

    I really liked the sky reflection on the water surface, the environment is getting better and better! I wonder if there’s some kinda of alpha/leader for the tikibi.

    • Lagoloid says:

      Thank you Nirozu! I took what I learned painting the waterfall back on page 28 and applied it to the stream. I’m learning more as I go along this chapter, so I’m my background game looks like it’s improving to you!

      I’m sure there’s some top alpha Tikibi in there somewhere that knows where the best fruits and veggies are located!

  • queen baron says:

    Im getting HTTYD vibes from the tikbis :3 grin XD

    • Lagoloid says:

      The Tikibi share some characteristics from cats (among other animals), especially their tail. Toothless from HTTYD was pretty much modeled after a cat from what I hear. Our feline friends continue to be an endless well of creative inspiration for creature creation!

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