Chapter 2 – Page 33 - Wukrii
Chapter 2 – Page 33
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  • CloverE says:

    Hey, do you guys not have a spot on TopWebComics? I see your ads on there, but no spot to vote for you.

    • Gatsumann says:

      Hey CloverE, we are super humbled by the fact that you want to vote for us. For now, we just advertise on the site, as we are busy working on our buffer pages and adding some updated features to the site and other goodies, but we may make a spot on TopWebComics when we get the chance, and if and when we do, we will be sure to let you and the rest of the community know!

  • GlitchDaFox says:


  • dracone says:

    I foresee Mimi’s room being wall to wall cute plushies, when we finally get a look at her room

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