Chapter 2 – Page 29 - Wukrii
Chapter 2 – Page 29
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  • Captanblue says:

    I’m liking the fruinecs


    Mimi looks cute when waging her tail

  • dracone says:

    She seems to be attracted to cute things, I wouldn’t be surprised if her room is filled with “cute” plush toys

  • baronjamaa says:

    I gotta catch em all!!

    • Gatsumann says:

      They do seem really catch worthy don’t they? Better be careful though, they might not all go willingly! After all they have delicious and fairly exotic fruits to eat. Don’t wanna get between a cute critter and it’s lunch!

    • Vivid says:

      Nice to know there’s Pokémon fan’s here

      • Gatsumann says:

        Both Lagoloid and I grew up with the original series, video games, card games, etc. Lagoloid is a particular fan of the show and it shows in how much detail and effort he puts into our unique creatures.

  • Vivid says:

    Most of the time when ever i see a furry character like Mimi wagging her like that I find it so adorable 😊 great comic 👍

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