Chapter 2 – Page 19 - Wukrii
Chapter 2 – Page 19
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  • Nirozu says:

    What a cute little robot!

  • tismon says:

    Very fun story so far and I love the style. Is there any chance that an RSS feed could be added? This is the only way that I track all of the webcomics that I read.

    • Gatsumann says:

      Hi Tismon, thank you so much for your kinds words. We understand our fans like to consume or be alerted about our comic differently. We are a relatively new webcomic, and we have found email to be the best delivery method so far, so that is what we have to offer at the moment.

      It’s really easy to sign up, and then all you have to do is confirm your email and you will be sent the comic directly each week (plus the occasional goody like extra art for example). We hope you understand and will sign up! Thanks again for reading.

  • deathknight says:

    i don’t believe this I remember kitsune kiki! Now its back in a way!

  • MEVVX says:

    hehe….. poor mimi..

  • dracone says:

    Why am I not surprised she has multiple nightgowns? for some reason, I see her having a minimum of 3 nightgowns. I think it would interesting to see a flashforward that has Mimi as fully licensed in the field, on her own little private-ish island, with a few of the mannerisms of both of these guys, and this robot-like entity as her personal assistant. Why did I think all that when I read this chapter? I honestly don’t know

    • Lagoloid says:

      Backup nightgowns are an essential for those wardrobe emergency!

      Haha! Well, if this chapter can get your imagination flowing this well, than we’re doing something right so far!

  • TheWalnutBeet says:

    I’m sorry if I’m being dumb but I am constantly seeing you guys talk about a comic before it and I have no idea what it is. Can someone tell me please, I’m very curious to know.

    • Lagoloid says:

      Hi WalnutBeet! We’re mostly referring to an older webcomic that I worked on before we came up with Wukrii. It never was finished, but a few of the character concepts in this comic came from it!

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