Chapter 2 – Page 17 - Wukrii
Chapter 2 – Page 17
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  • USFvinylscratch says:

    Strange, I posted a comment now it’s gone, I’ll get to the point thank you so much for putting in all the effort and time to make something so fantastic!!! Thank you i love the story and I really love the art!!!

    • Lagoloid says:

      Hey USFvinylscratch, if you continue to experience problems with comments, let me know and I’ll try to look into it. Hopefully it’s not happening with others.

      Also, thank YOU for taking the time out to type more kind words! It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the story and art design so far. Comments like these give me strength to work on more buffer pages!

      • USFvinylscratch says:

        Is it just you that is working on all the art and story? Cause if so holy shit you are amazing at what you do, if not you have some amazingly talented people!

        • Lagoloid says:

          I work on the art. The story is a combined effort of both me and Gatsumann who does a lot of the text editing. It’s a much better comic for it with Gatsumann working on the writing. Years of developing the world, the races, and characters before even starting the initial drafts of the comic pages certainly helped!

          • USFvinylscratch says:

            Well thank you both for all your hard work and excellent work!!! I’m so excited to see the next page also I hope you are having a fantastic day/night!

          • Gatsumann says:

            Thank you for your passionate response and reception to our work! We spent over 3 years developing the mythology, characters, world, etc before the comic went live. We wanted to have something people could really engage with and delve into from the beginning.

            As things develop and more is unveiled, we will provide more extras/details through the comics and other means, for fans to really dig into. This is a collaborative effort. Lagoloid, does the art, and I do the world building/writing/business end of things. But really, we both have our hands in a little bit of everything, and it couldn’t be done any other way. It’s a two person production, and we are overjoyed to hear you like it so much.

  • Evil Tree says:

    Yeah Quin, I don’t think you’re going to win this staring contest.

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