Chapter 2 – Page 10 - Wukrii
Chapter 2 – Page 10
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  • leeroy67 says:

    Ah Kiki, it’s been many years since I last saw her (although I rather suspected she was the cloaked figure). It’ll be fun to see if she takes to teasing Mimi as much in this iteration of the comic as she did in the last. =P

    • Gatsumann says:

      Hey, it’s nice to hear from fans of our old comic! This is definitely a very different comic from the last, in just about every way, but we did keep certain essential elements of these characters for this series, while updating them and giving them some fun new twists. We hope you enjoy the new art and tropical setting.

  • Evil Tree says:

    Lagoloid: “She certainly won’t be the only cute and thicc type in this series!”
    You weren’t kidding.
    Seriously though love her design, and that of the wispfii’s, and looking forward to finding out more about her.

    • Lagoloid says:

      It’s them good Demimon genes!
      I’m glad you’re liking Kiki’s design and her little fiery fox friends. She’s going to be another fun curvy character to draw!

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