World of Wukrii

Wukrii™ is a richly colorful fantasy adventure comic set in the gorgeous tropical islands of Wukrii (pronounced woo-kree) which is a lush and large archipelago with a variety of dense and unexplored ecosystems surrounded by shimmering seas and set under cerulean skies.

The islands are populated with a diversity of communities, races, and species, along with an expansive catalog of exotic creatures, both cute and fearsome, and the most exotic flora seen in the world. There exists a fragile and uneasy balance between the three primary species of beings that call the Wukrii islands home, the Humans, the Wukai, which are spirit creatures, and the Demimon, who are half Human and half Wukai and often find themselves stuck between two worlds.

We explore the lives, perspectives, and adventures they have as they navigate this seductively beautiful but often untamed land. Much is not known about the history of the islands or the peoples that inhabit them and where they came from, lost from deep within the flow of time, but there is evidence to suggest that there might be some tantalizing clues on the islands to help solve those mysteries and possibly unearth new ones. A hidden past that if uncovered, could bring unity between the inhabitants, or sew further divisions threatening the delicate peace that currently exists.

Our story begins with a human author, an experienced traveler who writes and publishes books about his exploits, chronicling what he sees, who he meets, and what he discovers as he traverses through communities and unexplored areas in search for artifacts, hidden histories, and clues that might shed new light on these larger issues, all while making a little income on the side, of course. What he discovers on a routine trip will change everything. Join us for the adventure. Welcome to Wukrii.

Main Cast

Mathew Quin

A modestly famous and well traveled explorer and author of a number of popular best selling books, who writes about his exploits detailing the flora and fauna he comes across, as well as ancient archaeological finds, and the many communities of inhabitants he comes across. He’s very curious and constantly searching for the truth, which can lead to new insights and opportunities, but also dangers and difficulties as well. He’s also the owner of an antique bookshop in the city which also doubles as his residence as well (he is nothing if not economical). In addition to books, his establishment sells a variety of nick knacks, bobbles, local novelties, curiosities, and of course his own books prominently displayed.

He is a bit of a ladies’ man when he wants to be, and has definite and strong opinions about most things. He’s very well read, intellectual, and insightful. He has a dry wit and a slightly reckless disregard for danger. Charismatic, intuitive, and sardonic, his way with women has at times, proven to impede progress in some of his earnest personal and professional pursuits, but he means well. He has a keen instinct and understanding of much of the obscure local lore in addition to Wukriian culture. He seeks to expand his and his readers knowledge base of the Wukrii islands, while discovering and protecting sacred, valuable, and ancient sites, and ya know, earning a little income with the occasionally thrilling story which may or may not take use of some dramatic license. A man’s gotta eat!


A very curious college aged tanuki demimon who’s looking to further her education and explore her horizons in the world beyond. As part of her university’s curriculum, she’s been assigned to assist Jigin in his studies and research.  Always going out of her way to be helpful and polite, she’s lived a mostly sheltered life cloistered in her own idyllic village. So while she regards herself as an educated young woman, she can still be a bit naive about the world and how it really works as well as her own Demimon culture and how it intersects with the Human and Wukai species. and the difficulties and benefits that can come from this. As an idealist, her goal is to learn more about the various communities of the Wukrii islands and bring these disparate and often antagonistic communities closer together to realize their common bonds. She loves fashion, cute scooters, fancy foods, and desserts. She detests getting dirty. Seriously.

Jigin & Kasa

A former explorer turned academic on the Island of Wukrii. He’s very well known on the islands for his almost encyclopedic knowledge about the history, land, and inhabitants of the islands. He’s often contacted as a consultant for further information. He seems to know, or at least know of, everyone and anyone of importance in Wukrii, including many of the high ranking village leaders and town governors. He has a Wukai possessed umbrella called Kasa, who acts as his stuffy but lovable assistant who knows nearly just as much about Wukrii and his own kind as companion Jigin. He’s very polite and had a gentlemanly disposition. They’re often at odds with each other and can be seen regularly bickering with each other like an old married couple. Like Nini, Jigin is not very trusting of others, but will warm up to someone once he knows they’re not trying to get something out of him. He adores his old truck and doesn’t like anyone that hates his truck. Period.


Much is unknown about Nini and her past, and she isn’t exactly much of talker, a lady of few words you might say, but very firm in action. She’s a very rare Oni type of Demimon that lives on the island by herself. She lives mostly off the land in her little cottage and can often be seen hunting and gathering. She has a small circle of people she considers friends including Jigin and Mathew, who she often visits to help out with things they might need it, or more often than not, just to help herself to some of Jigins food. Jigin and Nini have a bit of a father daughter relationship given how long they have known each other. While she may look young and childlike, she is much older than she looks, quite a bit, and very mature as a result. She is a direct, no nonsense, and to the point kind of gal, but very loyal. She’s also quite cautious with new people, and it can take time for her to warm up to others given her experiences and age. She loves Ice cream, but has a pretty insatiable sweet tooth overall.

Singular: Drabbunny
Plural: Drabbunnies

Drabbunnies are unique to the world of Wukrii, and are an ancient species not believed to be native to the Wukrii Islands, though little is known about their origins to be certain. A drabbunny is both a combination of two very old animal species found in the world, rabbits & bunnies, combined with dragons. This unique hybrid species is only seen natively on their own islands, and while they often keep to their own community, many can be found traveling the world, and are often known for their entrepreneurial spirit. Drabbunnies can be either full sized but with small wings, or diminutive and childlike in size, but capable of flying with their larger set of wings and smaller bodies.

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