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Aug 12

We Did It! Wukrii Celebrates It’s First Birthday!

We launched this comic in July of 2018 a little over a year ago, after Lagoloid, and I, Gatsumann, had been planning and building the world, characters, design, lore, and everything else for this comic in late 2014. We created a little bit of celebratory art, which we shared with our email subscribers first (we do encourage you to join!) and now we want to share with the rest of the community. It can be difficult to find the needed time to create extra art, but we wanted to mark the occasion with all of you! It’s important to us to celebrate these moments, and we know and truly appreciate how much you all have really embraced the comic, it’s characters, and world. Not only is it our 1 year anniversary, but we also, as of this post, have a full two chapters completed and published as we enter into our third chapter!

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