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Jul 14
The Connecticut Convention Center. The Venue for Connecticon every year.

The Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT, US. The venue for Connecticon every year.

Greetings Wukriians! This is Lagoloid writing in after  3-Days of attending our very local all things geeky convention Connecticon from July 12th -14th! We don’t normally type about our convention outings, but we thought this would make a fun blog post for you all to read.  Both Gatsumann and I have been regular attendants to this convention almost every year. We were both there for the very first one back in 2003 and since then it has expanded our horizons to many of the interest we hold dear, including much of the content that has inspired us and helped to create Wukrii. Even though much of the convention has changed a great deal since then, we still go to meet old friends, check out the informal panel content, snap some photos of cool cosplay and at the end, eat lots and lots of tasty barbecue! I’m desperately trying to fight off this food comma from the heavy BBQ dinner today to type this con report, so just bear with me folks.

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