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Jul 13

Hello there! Let me introduce myself, I’m Gatsumann, a name inspired by one of my favorite anime and manga comics, berserk. I am the co-creator and writer along with my amazingly talented friend, fellow co-creator and partner on this webcomic, Lagoloid, who is the extremely talented artist and web designer of this website, one that we spent a very long time building from scratch, along with the comics we hope you’re enjoying. We wanted this to be an easy to navigate, clean, and mobile friendly reading experience that is uncommon with many self hosted webcomics today.

Our project began with an early comic Lagoloid began Kitsune Kiki, In fact, it was over the making and marketing of that comic from many years ago that Lagoloid and I both met and came together. From there, we went through many stages of trying to get something off the ground while navigating through life. Eventually, we had to retire Kitsune Kiki, but in it’s place over 3 years ago, we decided to do a new project, with a new art style, setting, world, and art direction.
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