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Sep 13

Wukrii Wiki

By Lagoloid

The Wukrii Wiki information hub is now open!

We have now launched an information Wiki for Wukrii! This page will be replacing the old “About” section of the website and become the main source of information for much of Wukrii.

Wukrii Wiki

In the Wukrii Wiki, you’ll be able to find information on characters, creatures, and general world building. We’ll be adding and updating content as the comic progresses. For those that asked us for more information about our original species, drabbunnies, we have created a huge article with new info and art for you to sink your teeth into!


If there’s an article you want to see or you think is missing from our Wukrii Wiki, let us know! We hope you enjoy reading through all articles we put up so far! More to come soon!


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