By Lagoloid


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First appearance Wukrii – chapter 3:
Sep 22, 2019 
Species Drabbunny
Sex Male
Friends Kiuwi
Mathew Quin
Occupation(s) Engineer, Polymath

Rao is a greater drabbunny, and a particularly large and round one at that. He is a bit of an eccentric renaissance man erm…drabbunny, with a particular affinity for electro mechanical work, although he has many interests and passions.

He lives and works in a relatively beautiful but secluded part of the island further away from the city and surrounding villages giving him plenty of space to work and pursue his many hobbies. His entire home is carved into the side of a large mountainous hillside as is typical for a drabbunny dwelling, with his office and living quarters up top and his massive work facility below. He also has a bit of an artistic side creating metal sculptures and other art on his property.

He keeps the bills paid as the go to repair person for complex electrical and mechanical hardware, particularly automobiles and other vehicles, to which Jigin has taken great advantage of over the years with his lovable but perpetually broken down rust bucket as it’s lovingly known as. Like many drabbunnies, Rao has taken a particular liking to doughnuts. So if you want to be on his good side, you know what to bring, just be prepared for an alarming level of enthusiasm.