By Lagoloid


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First appearance Wukrii – chapter 2:
July 30, 2018 
Species Demimon
Sex Female
Friends ???
Occupation(s) ???

Kiki is a Kitsune or fox Demimon with a mysterious background. She appears to be interested in tracking down Mathew and friends in the hunt for whatever they may have found. Her true motivations are as of yet unknown, but she is equipped with a number of abilities, some of which include her ability to summon wispfii which is similar to foxfire. These little guys can illuminate an area and perform other functions, and are a manifestation of elemental fire in Wukai familiar form.

Another ability Kiki possesses, like some of her Demimon brethren, is the ability to turn into her animal form, which in the case of Kiki is her fox form. While in this form, she possesses the nimbleness and agility that can come with the addition of two more legs, and has enhanced smell and hearing befitting her fox form. She can change into her fox or humanoid form at will.

While in her humanoid form she is very physically capable, an excellent fighter, if a bit headstrong and overconfident at times. She is skilled in the ways of stealth and prefers to use her other skill sets before resorting to violence but will not hesitate to fight if need be, and she is always up for healthy physical competition. She has a vivacious, street smart, and sassy personality which can make her both charming to some and intimidating to others.