After over 3 years of work. We finally Made the Manga, Anime, and Video Game Inspired Webcomic We Wanted. - Wukrii
Jul 13

After over 3 years of work. We finally Made the Manga, Anime, and Video Game Inspired Webcomic We Wanted.

By Gatsumann

Hello there! Let me introduce myself, I’m Gatsumann, a name inspired by one of my favorite anime and manga comics, berserk. I am the co-creator and writer along with my amazingly talented friend, fellow co-creator and partner on this webcomic, Lagoloid, who is the extremely talented artist and web designer of this website, one that we spent a very long time building from scratch, along with the comics we hope you’re enjoying. We wanted this to be an easy to navigate, clean, and mobile friendly reading experience that is uncommon with many self hosted webcomics today.

Our project began with an early comic Lagoloid began Kitsune Kiki, In fact, it was over the making and marketing of that comic from many years ago that Lagoloid and I both met and came together. From there, we went through many stages of trying to get something off the ground while navigating through life. Eventually, we had to retire Kitsune Kiki, but in it’s place over 3 years ago, we decided to do a new project, with a new art style, setting, world, and art direction.

It took well over a year to get the funds, skills, and hardware needed to develop the beautiful, lore rich, and textured world you see in the comic pages. We painstakingly developed entire cultures, creatures, animals, worlds, foods, plants, and an entire history for you to discover as you continue to read. We love to dig into that type of content, and we know our readers will too. We took inspiration from many of our favorite anime movies and TV shows, manga comics, video games, movies, and more. We decided to keep some of the wonderful characters we created many years ago, redesign them, and created an entire new set of characters to compliment them and a massive colorful tropical world for them to inhabit.

To all the fans from years ago, some of whom have stuck around all these years waiting to see what we would make next, after many delays and setbacks as we built this thing we have so much passion for, we say thank you for your patience and we hope you love the world we have built for you. To all the new fans, and the old, we say welcome to the community! We hope all of you sign up and register to comment on our pages, we welcome the interaction, and will try our very best to respond to each of you to the best of our ability.

You can follow us on twitter (feel free to tweet at us!) You can find us individually @Gatsumann on Twitter @Lagoloid on Twitter, and our official comic twitter page @Wukrii on Twitter. We want to grow this community, and share this world with as many people as possible, so feel free to contact us with any fan art, suggestions, messages, comments etc, and don’t by shy, we encourage readership and fans to reach out and be an active part of the experience. We value each and every single one of you. We are fans just like you are.

Last but not least, be sure to use the form below to sign up for email updates. We will be updating the comic once every Monday and this is by far the easiest and best way to never miss a page and stay up to date with comic page updates, or any other news and updates without having to regularly check the site. Signing up is super easy and fast.

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